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Professional Training Program aims to help understanding oneself, developing people skill and career path, building character traits to be successful, and bring wellness to the whole being.


Interpersonal Skills

This series including the following:

  • Communication Skill

  • Emotion Management

  • Different type of Friendship

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Boundaries and Wisdom

  • Life Attitudes and Values
              ......and more!



Career Planning & Development

This series including the following:

  • Knowing Myself

  • Building Good Habit

  • Being a Good Steward

  • Decision Making

  • Healing the past

  • Releasing the future
          ...............and more!



Character Traits that leads to Success 

This series include ten rules (which are ten values) that are necessary in the workplace. Combining this value system with your own uniqueness and attributes,  you will be able to stand firm in your workplace.



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