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3-6 years old

Using game, arts and craft, pictures, and short video clips to help children learn practical life skill and sew the seed of character traits in them.

Material: Character Building Age 6-8 (see right)

6-8 years old

Using stories, pictures, songs, short videos and discussions to help children to have more understanding in each character traits. With word of the day, to help them remember and acted out in life.

Material: Character Building Age 8-10 (see right)

8-10 years old

These series focus on self-reflect, self-encouragement, bless others, self recognition on emotion, love, respect, responsible, keeping promise, diligence, excellence.... and more.

Material: Character Building Age 10-14 (see right)

10-14 years old

These series builds on the previous age group series and focus on self-confidence, power of word, grateful heart, generosity, anger resolution, self-motivation, unity... and more.

Character Education

Build up Core Value and Lay Firm Foundation for Life

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